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The Godfrey Hewitt Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund

Guidelines and Operating Procedures


The Godfrey Hewitt Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of the late Godfrey Hewitt, C.D., D.Mus. (Cantuar), FRCO, Hon. ARSCM, and is administered by the RCCO Ottawa Centre.

Awarded annually (except when there is no suitable applicant), the scholarship provides to an advanced organ student holding Canadian citizenship (or having permanent residency status in Canada) $6,000 towards further courses of study either at a university or with a particular organ teacher, within Canada or outside it. It is hoped that candidates will plan to use their skills in the future as organ teachers—not necessarily in an institution, and not necessarily as a primary source of income.

Scholarship Award:

Provided that there is a suitable candidate amongst the applicants, the Scholarship Committee will award a scholarship of $6,000 annually. Funds may be used for the following purposes: tuition, travel, living expenses, and such other purposes as may be appropriate to the circumstances of the award.


The Scholarship Committee shall undertake such advertising and promotion as it considers appropriate to encourage applications for the scholarship, and in particular will advertise in the national publications of the RCCO, and in the American Organist. Required repertoire for the following spring's competition will be announced in the autumn of each year.

Requirements for Candidates:

All applicants shall satisfy the following requirements:
  • Canadian citizenship, or permanent resident status in Canada;
  • aged 35 years or less;
  • graduate, or about to graduate, from a university, conservatory or college;
  • Associate diploma of the RCCO, or similar academic level of qualification;
  • stated intention of teaching organ (either in an academic institution or privately, not necessarily as the candidate's primary career).


Application forms may be retrieved from the RCCO - Ottawa Centre website (www.rcco-ottawa.ca), or may be requested in writing from the following address:
Godfrey Hewitt Memorial Scholarship Committee
c/o Frances Macdonnell
303 - 3099 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 5A6

Applications shall include the following:

  • a detailed resumé, including proof of citizenship or permanent resident status;
  • a specific plan of study during the following academic year
    (this study may or may not be at a recognized academic institution);
  • three references, attesting to the candidate's ability and potential;
  • a clearly recorded CD made during the previous twelve months, stating date and place of recording, of three works:
    • Any major Prelude and Fugue, Toccata and Fugue, or Passacaglia and Fugue by J. S. Bach
    • Any one of the Three Chorales by César Franck
    • One further work, contrasting with the above, to be selected by the candidate (the choice itself to be the subject of assessment);
  • a non-refundable fee of $50 (Canadian) (payable to "RCCO - Ottawa Centre").

Applications shall be postmarked, no later than April 30, and mailed to:

Godfrey Hewitt Memorial Scholarship Committee
c/o Frances Macdonnell
303 - 3099 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 5A6

Assessment of Applications:

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of three judges established by the Scholarship Committee. The preliminary determination of the jury will be based primarily on their assessment of the recordings but also on a review of the applications. If deemed advisable, telephone interviews with the candidates may be conducted. The determination of the judges need not be unanimous. The decision of the jury will be final, and all candidates will be informed of the results of the jury's deliberations. If a suitable candidate is not found, it is possible that no award may be made in any calendar year.


The awarding of the scholarship to the successful candidate will be established by June 30 of each calendar year. The RCCO, Ottawa Centre, shall be responsible for making payment of the award to the recipient as well as for issuing such income tax reporting slips to the recipient as are necessary. The cheque will be sent to the recipient upon receiving evidence of the recipients acceptance in the institution where, or with the teacher with whom, they propose to study.

Obligation to Repay:

Any part of the award not used within two years of the date of the granting of the award is to be repaid to the Trust Fund by the recipient.

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