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The RCCO is a Registered Canadian Charity.

A number of scholarships are made available to young organists as well as more advanced organists. You can read a description of each scholarship below. To make a donation to any of our scholarships or another centre fund, use the donate button on the right to take you to our donation page.

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The GODFREY HEWITT Memorial Fund

Godfrey Hewitt Picture
The Godfrey Hewitt Memorial Fund provides:

The fund is grateful to the many donors who support this fund each year. More information about the fund and a donation form can be obtained below:

Memorial Fund General Information
Memorial Fund Donation form

The GODFREY HEWITT Memorial Scholarship

This is an annual scholarship of $6,000 awarded by application to an advanced organ student.

Application Form
Past Recipients

Application deadline is April 30.

The GODFREY HEWITT Memorial Prize

The Godfrey Hewitt Memorial Fund also provides the first prize ($5,000) in the National Organ Playing Competition.

General information
Competition rules and application: see rcco.ca
Past Recipients

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These scholarships, are worth up to $500 and $300 respectively and are awarded each year to members of the Ottawa Centre who are planning a summer course, conference or other professional development activity. The funds can contribute toward the cost of attending an RCCO convention, but must be applied to an organized course or event; not to be used for private lessons. Application should be made by e-mail or Post to the Centre President: president (at) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca before April 30. Please include a brief outline of your education, experience and details of the proposed professional development activity.

RCCO Ottawa Centre
Box 2270 Station D
Ottawa K1P 5W4
Application Deadline is April 30.
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The Ottawa Centre is offering support for centre members who wish to pursue certification from the RCCO. The Examination Bursary of $200 is intended to be used by the examination candidate to pay for a small number of lessons from a senior organist familiar with the examination requirements and standards. The lessons may be on the topics of the candidates choice (repertoire, practical tests, written tests or ear training) and the Centre can provide recommendations on appropriate teachers with experience of the standards of performance expected for successfully completing RCCO examinations.

To be awarded an Examination Bursary please contact in confidence the Membership Convenor: Donald (dot) Russell (at) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca for the Ottawa Centre. Applications are typically made in the fall. Payment will be made to the applicant after confirmation of registration for an examination has been received.

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The Centre provides $500 for organ scholarships through the annual Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival. These scholarships are awarded by the organ adjudicator.

The Kiwanis club of Ottawa also offers $600 in memory of one of our former members, Arnt Loa, making a total of $1100 in scholarship money available to the competitors.

Visit The Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival website for registration information.

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Each spring (May-June) we audition promising young pianists and beginning organ students who are interested in pursuing organ studies. We offer a number of these scholarships (one which is sponsored by National Office) each year which gives each student 10 hours of free organ lessons. Applicants must be 25 years of age or younger and at the grade 7/8 RCM level.

You can apply, by downloading this fillable pdf application form. When you have completed the form, save the form using "Save As…". You can then e-mail it to the Student Concerns convenor. Alternatively, you may print the completed form and mail it to:

RCCO Ottawa Centre
Student Concerns
Box 2270 Station D
Ottawa K1P 5W4

The application deadline is March 31.

Please print and distribute the posters in English and French to help advertise this opportunity.

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The Centre will provide up to four bursaries in the amount of $250 each to allow organ students from Ottawa, under the age of 25, to attend the Student Academy which is being offered at the RCCO National Convention. The student must be recommended by their organ teacher. Either the teacher or the student must be a member of the Ottawa Centre. The money is to be provided from the Centre's Development Fund, which is used for educational purposes.

To apply for this bursary, please complete this application. When you have completed the form, save the form using "Save As…". You can then e-mail it to the Student Concerns convenor. then sending the prepared e-mail or save the completed form and attach it to an e-mail to Student Concerns. You may also mail it to the address on the application. Further information on the bursary can be obtained from the Student Concerns committee. For further information about the academy, please contact Frances Macdonnell.

Application deadline is March 31.
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One bursary will be made available each year from the Development Fund to enable an organ student of any age to take a series of organ lessons when in financial need. The lessons are to be given by an RCCO member and the bursary is paid to the teacher upon completion of the lessons. The value of this bursary is the same as for the beginning student scholarship. To apply, please contact the Student Concerns coordinator before April 30.

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The RCCO Ottawa Centre is pleased to offer a complimentary student membership for any organ student meeting the RCCO requirements.

Step 1: Fill out the Application form for the Centre Treasurer to indicate if you qualify for the Membership Grant. Student Membership Grant Application form.

Step 2: The student should go to the National Office website to process their membership as a student and pay their membership directly with National Office selecting the Ottawa Centre as their choice of Centres. [For information: email: info (at) rcco (dot) ca ] or Tel: 416-929-6400 Office Manager. Hours: Mon. to Fri. 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

The student will then be reimbursed for only their membership fee after the Ottawa Centre receives confirmation of their membership from the National RCCO.

Treasurer: Alexander Reicker Email: treasurer (at) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

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A number of Scholarships are also available through National Office.

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