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2020-2021 SEASON

Events will be posted as soon as I receive the information.

COVID-19 virus and the RCCO - Ottawa Centre

Please check each event listing to see the COVID protocols in place for that event. We will follow the advice of Ottawa's Medical Officer and follow the procedures required by the various venues. We will try to have any protocols posted a week in advance.

Greetings for the New Season!

So much of our life has changed. We will be joining together by Zoom to learn new skills, polish skills and to share with each other the trials of change. As we join virtually in our music making, let us revel in the new skills we are gaining and polish the techniques of music making. We will hear in new ways. Our senses will be challenged to interact with choristers and colleagues in new ways. Let's keep learning!

Joyous music making to all for this coming season!

Ian Guenette, Donald Russell and Sondra Goldsmith Proctor

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How to Zoom
Saturday September 12, 2020
10:00 AM
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

How to Zoom? Are you comfortable with Zoom? Do you Zoom often but have a few questions? Join us at 10:00am on Saturday, September 12, to ask any questions that you have. Our facilitators Ian Guenette and Donald Russell will lead this session. If you have difficulty getting on Zoom, they will be available to assist you. Please register for this session to events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will be emailed guidance on how to attend.

And Then…

!!! CAFÉ RCCO !!!

Saturday September 12, 2020
10:30 AM
On Line - Zoom
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

Join us as we gather for Café RCCO on Saturday, September 12, at 10:30am on Zoom to see how our colleagues and friends are faring in this very different time. Chaplain Christine Piper will gather us and give a brief reflection on the past six and a half months. We need to stay in touch during this time of pause and so we will. A discussion will follow of suggested topics for the season. Please register for this session to Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will receive a link for the session on Friday, September 11.

We suggest that you bring your favorite morning beverage to sip and greet friends and meet new friends.

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Gordon Johnston

Saturday September 19
10:30 am

Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

A recording of this webinar will be posted shortly after the webinar.

Gordon Johnston will inspire us to engage our choristers and instrumentalists. Please register for this session at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca.

Gordon Johnston, Director of Music at the Anglican Church of St. John the Evangelist, Elgin Street, is going to present an interactive Zoom session on how to run a virtual choir in a parish situation! We are all very excited about this, as we have often watched Gordon be the first in Ottawa to make new technologies work - come and join us! Information about how to join the Zoom session will be sent to the membership shortly before September 19.

Gordon, who has already had his parish choir sing a number of anthems virtually, has kindly prepared the following quick little video intro to introduce the webinar.

This event was recorded and can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

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Here’s some of what Gordon has said about this webinar, which will last no longer than an hour:

I'm excited about this webinar, and I keep getting ideas of things I think will be useful to people. I would like the event to be live, with participants all logged in to a Zoom so that we can have back and forth conversation. I will prepare some pre-recorded bits to demonstrate how videos are prepared and produced, so the event will be part conversation and part videos. I expect to take less than an hour because I know that during Covid-tide, people can run out of steam more easily than usual.

In this webinar, I would explain the entire process of how a collaborative video is created, and I would focus on the planning stages, explaining what a music director needs to know to prepare the content for a collaborative video. I will show in general how audio and video production happens, without going into a great deal of detail because a lot of that depends on the software.

I will show pre-recorded segments so that members can see exactly what's involved in creating a collaborative video. I'll have information as well about how to get reasonably-priced professional assistance with audio and video production. The goal of my webinar will be to help people understand what's involved, and to understand the basic things they need to know. You need to hire a professional for the actual audio or video production, though in this very "virtual" world, it doesn't make much difference where such a facility is located.

If people would like to walk through the details of video production, we can have a second session.

Wow!!! - something to look forward to - come and learn a new skill!!

Here are some links that Gordon provided from four professional video makers:

Daniel Gillis – danielgillis@gmail.com

Nick Fairbank – http://www.FairbankMusic.ca

Trekorda – http://www.trekorda.com

Garrett Law – http://www.garrettjohnlaw.com/virtual-choir-creation

An excellent resource is https://virtualchoirhq.com/ There you can download a step-by-step guide for making a virtual choir, written by Deggie Fingas of the Kingston Centre of the RCCO.

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!!! CAFÉ RCCO !!!

It’s beginning to look like an On-Line Christmas
Plans and Strategies
October 18, 2020
2:00 PM
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

In this next Café RCCO ZOOM forum, we’ll get together to discuss the continuing challenges we face during the pandemic. We’ll have as a focus (but not a limitation) for the discussion some ideas and approaches to handling Advent and Christmas online. Are you doing an online Carol Service? Should we collectively do an online Carol Service with contributions from across the centre? How are you handling Christmas Eve? These services are often very crowded and in their historical form will contravene social distancing requirements. Share your ideas for different ways to work through this season of the church year.

Please register for this session at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca.

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The Basics of Recording a Choir and Organ

Round Table discussion
How to stream a live recording

Sunday November 8, 2020
2:00 PM
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

Come join us for a webinar entitled 'The Basics of Recording a Choir and Organ.' If you would like to record your choir and organ, but have no idea where to start, this presentation is for you. Matthew Larkin and Devin Crawley have agreed to speak to us about their experiences. Topics covered will include what worked and what hasn't, process, and production, as well as types of equipment, e.g. microphones.

Please register for this session at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting the day before.

Ian Guenette, organizer

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The Kiwanis Music Festival Organ Classes

The First Church of Christ Scientist
Metcalfe at Gilmour

Date:Saturday November 21

Adjudicator: Rachel Laurin

Due to pandemic rules this is CLOSED to the PUBLIC

As you may recall, when the general lock-down took place last March, the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival announced that all its classes would take place in April by video entries only. At that time, that seemed impractical for the organ classes, as so many of the students were no longer allowed to practise in the churches they had been using. The RCCO Ottawa Centre asked, and the Festival agreed, that the organ classes be postponed until the autumn when the churches might be more accessible. Even though there are still one or two students who are unable to practise at all, we have been able to arrange enough practice time that the classes will be held on Saturday November 21 at the Christian Science Church. There will be four students performing in five classes, and Rachel Laurin has kindly agreed to be the adjudicator. Because of Provincial regulations, we cannot have an audience for this event - what with the students and teachers and the adjudicator, there will already be ten people present in the church - but we do want the membership to know that the Ottawa Centre is continuing to make things happen for the students. The Kiwanis Music Festival is making the usual scholarship money available to us for this purpose, but otherwise the Ottawa Centre is covering the costs.

We will announce the results of these classes on the website home page and in Pipelines.

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Obtaining licences and copyright permissions
Sunday November 29, 2020
Time 2:00pm
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

Join Ottawa Centre colleagues for a discussion on our responsibilities for obtaining licenses and copyright permissions for performance and broadcasts. Many of us are supporting congregations by recording music for our parishes to broadcast worship services, e.g., live streaming, YouTube, or Facebook Live or Zoom.

Where do we go to find assistance in receiving permission to broadcast and/or perform not only contemporary music but also music that has been in existence for hundreds of years? Do you or your parish have a license to use hymn texts on the screen?

Do we know a composer who earns their living by composing daily? Let's use the person as an example of whom we are supporting when we make certain that we and our parishes are following the regulations. It takes time but it keeps us on the right side of the law.

Gordon Johnston will guide us as we thoughtfully prepare our services and concerts. Please indicate your interest by registering at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will receive an invitation to the meeting the day before the gathering.

Sondra Goldsmith Proctor, organizer

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Supporting Lent and Easter Services
Sunday January 10, 2021
Time 2:00pm
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

How are you thinking about supporting Lent and Easter services with the unknown logistics facing each one of us? Gilles Leclerc, Organiste Titulaire and Composer for Église Saint-François d'Assise, will speak about his planning and moderate the discussion. He will also share some of his explorations of the many skills each of us must maintain. Sign up now at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will receive a Zoom invitation to the meeting the day before the gathering.

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Blake Hargreave host of FutureStops
Sunday February 7, 2021
Time 2:00pm
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

Café RCCO will feature Blake Hargreaves, the former program convenor for the Ottawa Centre, who is living in Budapest, Hungary for the moment, and is the creative host of the podcast FutureStops which is supported by the RCCO. To learn more about Blake's exploration and improvisations on the world's organs, and why Budapest has been the perfect place to explore during the pandemic, please register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will receive a Zoom invitation to the meeting the day before the gathering.

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Cornets, Couplers, Quints, and Covid: organists' responses to the pandemic
Organists: the original Social Distancers?
Sunday March 7, 2021
Time 2:00pm
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

SARAH MACDONALD is a Canadian-born UK-based organist, conductor and composer, where she is Fellow and Director of Music at Selwyn College, Cambridge, and Director of Ely Cathedral's Girl Choristers. She has been at Selwyn since 1999, and is the first woman to hold such a post in an Oxbridge Chapel. Sarah studied at Toronto's Glenn Gould School, and at Cambridge University, and her teachers were Leon Fleisher, Marek Jablonski, John Tuttle, and David Sanger. She has performed across the UK, North America, the Middle East, and mainland Europe, and is in demand as a conductor and teacher for international residential courses. She has made over 35 commercial recordings, and her liturgical works are performed regularly throughout the world. She is a Fellow of the RCO, and writes a popular monthly column for The American Organist and Organ Canada. Sarah recently received the honorary ARSCM in recognition of her contribution to choral music in the UK and Canada.

Sarah will join us for a discussion of the similarities and differences in the responses to the pandemic in the UK and Canada. Please indicate your interest by registering at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will receive an invitation to the meeting the day before the gathering.

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Would you please write a composition for me to premiere next month?
Composition and its many processes
Sunday April 18, 2021
Time 2:00pm
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca

RACHEL LAURIN leads a dual international career as a concert organist and a very prolific composer. She devotes herself to composition, recitals, master classes and lectures. She has performed organ recitals in major cities in Canada, the United States and Europe, and has made more than twelve recordings, including two CDs devoted to her own compositions. Rachel Laurin has served as ‘house composer’ at Leupold Editions since 2006. She has composed hundreds of works for various solo instruments, voice, instrumental ensembles, choir and orchestra. Most of her compositions are published and recognized internationally, having been performed and recorded on the five continents. She has won many prestigious awards, including the Holtkamp-AGO Composition Award in 2008, First Prize in the 2009 Marilyn Mason New Organ Music Competition, the First Prize in the Category ‘Do-Organ Solo’ at the Orgelkids Tenth Anniversary Composition Contest (2019) in the Netherlands; and more recently she was selected as the commissioned composer for the prestigious Pogorzelski-Yankee Composition 2022. Her works are published by Doberman, Éditions du Nouveau Théâtre Musical, RCCO Music Publications, Europart, Hinshaw/Fred Bock, and Leupold Editions, a division of the Leupold Foundation. In 2020, the American Guild of Organists granted her the ‘Distinguished Composer Award’ in recognition of her important contribution to the organ repertoire, as a composer.

Rachel Laurin is a member of the ‘Comité d'Honneur de la Fédération Francophone des Amis de l'Orgue’ (FFAO) since 2016.

Rachel will join us to describe and discuss her processes through the first suggestion of a composition commission to the delivery of a completed work to the commissioner and the publisher. Please indicate your interest by registering at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will receive a Zoom invitation to the meeting the day before the gathering.

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Energize your Bach playing:
Tips and strategies on articulation, pedaling and interpretation

Sunday May 16, 2021
Time 2:00pm
Register at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca
This session will be recorded so that you can watch it again later

THOMAS ANNAND was a student of Graham Steed, John Grew and Marie-Claire Alain. In 1987 he won First Prize at the RCCO National Organ Competition and since then has pursued an active career as a performer on organ, harpsichord and as conductor. He has been Director of Music at St. Andrew's Church, Ottawa, since 1992, giving over 200 recitals there including a series of weekly recitals where he performed a vast repertoire including the ten symphonies of Widor, the complete organ works of Liszt, Franck and Mendelssohn. As harpsichordist he performed all the major works of Bach in seven marathon recitals in 2004-2005. He has performed as soloist with the National Arts Centre Orchestra and Les Violons du Roy, touring with them to Carnegie Hall on three occasions. He has been a featured artist in the Boston Early Music Festival, the Carmel Bach Festival, the International Congress of Organists and the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival. As a conductor he was the founder of Capital BrassWorks with whom he recorded for the CBC SM5000 series, and a frequent guest conductor of the Thirteen Strings. He has appeared on film (Denys Arcand's Le Règne de la Beauté), radio and television. In addition he has had his choral music published and performed and has contributed continuo realizations to editions of early music. Thomas Annand is a Fellow of the RCCO for which he has worked as an examiner and a jury member for the Organ Playing Competition, and is a past-Chair of the Ottawa Centre.

Thomas will lead us in a discussion of artistic changes that we are able to consider to improve our own interpretations of Bach. Please indicate your interest by registering at events (@) rcco-ottawa (dot) ca. You will receive a Zoom invitation to the meeting the day before the gathering.

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Student Recital

Virtual recital
Viewable now to August 31
Program and Biographies


The Ottawa Centre of the RCCO is delighted to post their annual student recital which was held virtually this year. We appreciate the co-operation of various churches who allowed the students in to practise and record their pieces. Some of the pieces were recorded for classes in the recent Kiwanis Music Festival, hence a couple of duplicate recordings of the same piece. But it features different students with different teachers. My thanks to Shawn Potter for assembling the various video files into a comprehensive video playlist for your enjoyment.

The Students playing in this recital in order of appearance are: Aleesha Katary, Minako Uchino, Aurora Xu, Maria Gajraj, Rebecca Lee and Samuel Lee.

Here is the program and student biographies for the recital. The video link will remain until Aug 31, 2021.

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ZOOM Meeting
Monday June 7, 2021
Time 7:30

A link to the zoom meeting will be e-mailed to all current members the day before the meeting.

This is your centre. The executive values the feedback received from members. Come out and voice your opinions on what you would like to have your Centre do.

The Annual General Meeting of the Ottawa Centre is our opportunity to conduct the necessary business of the College but also to celebrate the year past and look forward to the coming year. All members are encouraged to attend and participate in decision making and to hear reports of the various convenors and national council representatives.

We are pleased to announce that Donald Russell, will be recognized as the Member of the Year.

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Donald L. Russell, Ph.D., P. Eng., has an Associate Diploma and a Choir Master's Diploma from the Royal Canadian College of Organists and a Diploma in Church Music Studies from the Royal School of Church Music. He is an Adjunct Professor of Music at the University of Ottawa and an active organist, chorister and composer in the Ottawa area. Donald Russell was president of the Ottawa Centre of the RCCO from 2013 to 2015.

Donald Russell currently studies organ with Mervyn Games and Wesley Warren. He has recently studied with Dr. Maya Badian (composition), Dr. Jonathan Oldengarm (improvisation), and Ruth Barrie (voice). He has a PhD in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a Professor and Associate Dean at Carleton University, where his research focuses on the biomechanics of musical performance. Dr. Russell is a co-director of the Musicians’ Wellness Centre at the University of Ottawa and is actively collaborating to expand these efforts on a national scale.

Donald Russell is happily married to Dr. Theresa White, biochemist, and they have two wonderful children — Emily who is completing her Bachelors degree in Health Science at Carleton University this year and Aiden who is finishing a Masters degree in cello performance at the Peabody Institute this year. Donald's hobbies include traditional Okinawan karate in which he holds a fourth degree black belt.

This past year has been challenging for us all, including trying to provide programme and support for members of the Ottawa Centre. We are so fortunate to have Donald Russell to assist in hosting the many Zoom sessions for meetings and events of the Centre. Donald served as President of the Ottawa Centre from 2013 to 2015. He has served in other portfolios such as Student Concerns. Currently, Donald is Education Convenor as well as part of the team involving Programme this year. He has provided invaluable liaison with Carleton Dominion-Chalmers United Church which resulted in the Fundraising Members' Recital for Pro Organo in November 2017 and continues to work in that role. Donald Russell has given the Ottawa Centre his time, valuable ideas and energy. On behalf of the members of the RCCO Ottawa Centre, thank you so much for your dedication and support.

         -Donald Marjerrison


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